How the curl sponge, the best short hair style product came to be

This Blog is to clear up the misconception that the revolutionary ethnic hair tool did not just fall out of the sky or something that Chinese manufactures decided the black hair community needed and just created. Although Chinese manufactures have saturated the market with numerous knock-off, we will get to that later. For now, here is the story.

About 15 years ago a couple had a younger son whom the mother was bathing. The mother was bathing the young son with a bath sponge. During the time the mother was going over the son’s hair, the father walked in for something he needed in the bathroom, and that’s when the mother introduced him to the magic of twisting hair with a bath sponge. The father in amazement who had long locks at the time replied, “Why didn’t you start my locks off that way instead of torturing me the way you did”. The mother ignored the reply and suggested they create a hair tool for any one to twist their hair or start locks. The father who instantly thought how the afro pick was such a hit, without hesitation agreed. And so, began the light bulb moment of a hair sponge.

The first action was using several soft objects such as rags and other bathing tools, Styrofoam (yes Styrofoam lol), rubber devises etc. This went on for several weeks until da daaa a foam sponge surfaced in the house. Of course, the young son, all the while had been the subject of trial and error and was always eager to be the guinea pig. The foam sponge, which had no holes was still quite effective and seem so natural to use, but still something was missing.

Now, somewhat at a stand still the, the couple through numerous conversations of their tool in the making, agreed that this foam sponge needs holes in it. They made attempts to use a screw driver to puncture holes only to find those same holes continually collapsing with each attempt. The father was so focused on this project that he brought it up while hanging out with a friend. He told the friend that he is on the verge of creating a product that required a sponge with holes in it, and how he is not being successful with putting holes in it. The friend says “You know when a cigarette is dropped on a couch or something it leaves a permanent hole. The lights just got brighter, and the AHAA louder, as the father immediately went to the store and purchases a green pack of More cigarettes. He rushed to the house, got the mother and proceeded to successfully created numerous holes in the history making sponge. And whom else but the son was ushered in to be the first to get his hair twisted with a hair sponge.

The next step was to find a foam/sponge manufacture and begin the samples process. This turned out to be the easy part, and was a sign it was meant to be, because the first company they approached was very cooperative as well as accommodating. After receiving a few samples in different shapes, they agreed on oval shape and proceeded to have 1000 produced.

Step number two was to get this product patent “ASAP”! The father knew an attorney, however he had been out of the country, so therefore it took a couple of months before the start of the process. The “Hair Sculping Tool” US patent 7198050 B2 was issued a year later.

Now we are ready to introduce it to the world. First, we went to hair salons near me and barber shops. Believe it or not, 85% of the barbers and hair stylist were not impressed.

The father, not even having a name for the sponge, took it to a Bronner Brothers Hair Show, and after selling 200 in 2 days realized it was the ONE. It was obvious this invention would create a “Frenzy” and a “Wow” where ever it was seen. The crazy part is, with the BB show being 3 days the father flew to Atlanta with only 10 samples of the 1000 calling his self-testing the market lol!  Well it pass the test to the point where once he reveled it and did a demo on someone’s TWA, it was OVER! Now with two days left of the show and the other 900 sample hair sponges was all the way in Dallas. We had no choice but to have the oldest son and a friend drive 200 sponges 11 hours to Atlanta. “The rest is History” and this set the tone to continue vending at shows and start an ecommerce site as well!!

NuDred name was though of by a business consultant the father hired to assist in guiding the business to success.

Before the social media craze, we created a budget to advertise for one year with commercials on TV. And it turned out to be a big waste of money. When “Family going Natural” a YouTube vlogger ordered a NuDred kit and did a review, our phone started ringing. We happily compensated the vlogger although she never asked for anything. And with a pleasant introduction to social media we began to post our own videos. Our channel now has millions of views and thousands of subscribers.

It’s always a beautiful thing when someone comes around to solves a problem or creates a way to make things easier and faster, yet still effective. For a while manipulating natural coarse or curly hair to have a more textured, twist, coiled or locked outcome has been a goal in the black hair community. Several options have been around from using the palm of the hand, a wash rag, a sock, a brush, and just simply using the fingers.

The challenge of being the first to market with a “Break Through” product that has paved a way and created a market, is those who want to copy and ride the wave of the inventor. Creatively initiating and maintaining a strategy for defending one’s patent has been expensive yet rewarding. The last four years we have sued several sources, however the defending of the patent continues to be a focus, and is expected when one is issued.

Ok no more mystery of not mentioning the names to protect the innocent. Brigitte Gopou and Bruce Boyd are the mother and father and the inventors of the “Hair Sculpting Tool” better known as a Hair Sponge and Curl Sponge, or just simply The Sponge. The name of the sponge is NuDred the “Original”.

NuDred was invented in 2004! We trusted the process that it would take a little time for people to gradually move away from utilizing their fingers and a comb to twist their hair. This was and still is a breakthrough. Now people all over the world has embraced the use of a “Hair Sponge” to style, coil, curl, twist, or lock their hair.

NuDred totally revolutionize ethnic hair care and we are still pinching ourselves of the reality that we invented something that has left a mark on the WORLD and is here to stay. NuDred is truly the “Real Deal” and the “Original Hair Sculpting Tool” which is the title given on the patent. One thing that I would frequently say when describing the NuDred is “You have a comb to comb your hair, a brush to brush your hair, now you have NuDred to twist your hair”.

Additionally we see NuDred as a “Lifestyle”, going well beyond a hair tool!

The acronym says it all Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving, Daily, is totally in alignment with our MISSION: To Inspire greatness, creativity, health, gratitude, and love for self and others. Our focus is to continue to expand with high quality products and services to assist in improving LIVES!

NuDred continues to give back, we have worked with “The Light House for the Blind” as well as employ those with “Special Needs”. We a presently starting a fund for those with “Learning Disorders” as well as sponsoring local charities.

One of the great things that we have experience on our business path is a healthy growing relationship with our manufacturer, yes, the same company that we first approached for samples 14 years ago. We feel very blessed having them as a partner from day one. They have witnessed our growth from making the first sample to being an international brand and on the shelves of Sally’s and Target. In turn we have watched their amazing growth from one company to several as well as manufacturing projects for Boeing Jet. Boeing knew where to get quality products and contacted them. We know that we are in the right place with a US company that will only deliver quality products for NuDred. 

The foam that is use for the NuDred hair sponge goes through 15 inspections before being released to the market. Foam is liquid and becomes firm when cooled. In most cases, such as manufactures who produced knock-off sponges the liquid dry’s with bubbles which then causes holes in the foam, and thereby creating a cheap foam that is open cell and doesn’t last long. Furthermore, the mindful process that our manufacture uses makes the foam close cell without holes and safe thereby eliminating hair being pulled and snagged by the sponge. Our sponge is so good that it is healthy for the scalp and hair and can contribute to healing alopecia. One thing to consider is hair in its natural coil pattern has a birth right to stay coiled and is healthier when its manipulated in a circular motion, which the NuDred curl sponge does when twisting the hair with it. Just think a comb and brush move the hair in a straight line, which can aggravate and stress coiled hair and cause damage.

The Afro Pick was mentioned earlier. In the 70s everybody had an afro, because it was the “The Black Hair Style.” And since everyone had an afro everyone had an afro pick. The pick was a novelty not just for black hair care product, but a major symbol during a black history. There was art on the picks from a fist, peace sign, inspiring black messages, etc. Yes, there were other natural hair products then, however none stood out like the “Afro Pick”

NuDred is here to extend the lineage for natural hair. Nudred is for black hair styles, such as curly hair, short hair styles, twist, and dreadlocks. Remember the “Big Chop” it was a big movement that still lingers and has expanded natural Black American hair styles for women, which has made natural hair more popular. So, when the question, how to twist hair, how to style natural hair, and how to start dreadlocks is asked. The answer is, Efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly with Nudred.  

We are truly the “Authority” when it comes to using NuDred (or any other hair sponge). Just think, since 2007 we have been traveling domestically and internationally Vending Beauty Shows, Natural Hair shows, African festivals, Caribbean Festivals, Church Shows, Jazz Shows………While at these shows, we do free demonstrations to those who visit our booth, purchase or no purchase, we give them the best service using our NuDred System. Just imagine, how many demos on various lengths, textures, combination of textures of hair we have done. Easily over 100,000 demos. This has earned us the title of the GOAT.  

We had to prove nay sayers who said the hair sponge was only good on short hair styles, can’t hold curly hair, to be inaccurate. Through trial and error, yes, we failed, it led us to discovering numerous techniques for all sorts of hair textures and types. We often laugh when we see some of the youtubers who claim to be experts or influencers of the tool give misguided information.

Braided hair styles have been fashionable for some time, however since the big chop short hair styles that are natural is on a rise more and more for black women. Some of the styles are; Twist out, protective styles, twa, finger coils, wash and go, flat twist, faux-hawk, bantu knots, and finger waves. We think it is so cool that they are being very creative with the natural look and continue looking forward to what’s next.

There hasn’t been much mentioned about our experience with Korean knock offs manufactured in China. Simply because we are not giving energy to it. I will say this, you will never know what it feels like unless you go through it. That is to work constantly hard for years to create a niche in the market for people to come and imitate it knowing it is patented. We experience one barber who bought a small quantity from us and then actually turned around knocked us off with a cheap duplicate, then claimed he thought of it.  That’s why 85% of most patents never make it to the market place, because most inventors think that since they have something new that no one has, that it will be a walk in the park to get it to the market. Remember as I mentioned earlier initially no one was interested.

As a team we view our attorneys who are defending our patent as the defense and view the branding that we and customers provide as our offense, therefore our strategy is to creatively score a lot of points. Our team will reclaim the market so prepare to see more blogs, vlogs, products and services from NuDred. As a black manufacture we value loyalty and there are those who have been to the upmost loyal, which is one reason we will and must do our very best. Below is a great example of loyal customer who elaborates deeply on YouTube the essence of supporting black business. A must watch that is so eloquently done.  “Handsome & Healthy as he calls himself even speaks of his experience of making a mistake and purchasing a knock off hair sponge.

Our next step is producing more unique products and tools that will solve problems and make lives easier. We have one patent product coming very soon for the wave look, it’s called NuBrush. This will be another revolution in the short hair style, however, more so for men. And then there is NuDred Combo an extension of NuDred. We are also experimenting with Vegan hair solutions that is now on the table. And of course, we must continue to defend our patent. You all can help with us defending it too, by sharing this blog with all your friends and supporting us as a black manufacture who has the best intentions for the community. A great idea would be to go in your local beauty supply and demand that they carry the “Original NuDred”!

For us nothing is more important than keeping it real. Customer service with a smile is one thing we focus on and want our customers have the best experience with us, purchase or no purchase!!!

For more information go to follow us on Instagram @nudred like us on Facebook   and subscribe to our YouTube station

Our products are in numerous Sally’s everwhere, Beauty Master in Atlanta, and Beauty Exchange in Miami with more stores to come. We are also available on Amazon

We appreciate you taking time to read this blog!

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