Wavy/Curly hair, also described as hair types 2c-3c, is a softer curl pattern that usually has low-porosity or somewhere between. This hair type takes absorbs moisture quickly, but also expels it just as fast. It is ideal to use products that will help your hair hold moisture.

The best everyday style product for 2c-4c hair is our Hydrate I.T. product. 

Hydrate I.T. is ideal for curly hair as it helps to lock in moisture. We've added Honey Bush Leaf Extract and Aloe Leaf Juice to soften, lock in moisture and give their hair a nice sheen.

To get the best results for curly hair, we recommend the NUDRED LOC Method below. 
The NUDRED LOC method is our version of the well-known LOC method. The basics of the LOC method involves applying a leave-in or hair lotion, oil or oil-based moisturizer and sealing it with a cream or styling gel. Using this same method, we've developed our own routine with NuDred products.

  1. Use the Shampoo I.T. to cleanse the hair without stripping it. 
  2. Follow a thorough shampoo with Condition I.T. to enrich the hair with essential oils and nutrients.
  3. Once rinsed, use Rejuvenate I.T. as a leave-in (the L of the LOC method) to keep your roots and hair follicles healthy before styling.
  4. Use Moisturize I.T., an essential oil moisturize (the O in the LOC method) to seal in the leave-in.
  5. Then determine your style. For the following we results, we recommend using these style products below (the C in the LOC method). If you want defined coils or twists don't forget to use The Original NuDred Sponge:
  • Use Coil I.T. for longer hair, wash and go styles, up-dos, braids or just about anything - this is our most versatile styling product
  • Use Moisturize I.T. for protective styles to lock-in deep set moisture
  • Use Hydrate I.T. to lock in additional moisture for your style

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