Home of the Original Hair Sculpting Tool. NUDRED is often imitated but never duplicated. Start styling your twist, curls and locs with a NUDRED Sponge. Use our Sanitize I.T. to keep your sponge clean for continuous use.

Don't know which NuDred Sponge to use? We'll help you with our quick guide below. 

Depending on the style you want to achieve, you'll want to pick between the NuDred with Big or Small holes. Both sponges can be used on any length hair.

NuDred with Big Holes If you're looking to create a look with larger, looser coils the NuDred with Big Holes is the ideal. It gives the look of a twist out.  

Nudred with Small Holes  If you're looking to tighter coils, the smaller holes make defining your hair easier than ever. Get the perfect twists all the time, every time.  

Nudred Convoluted (with Small holes) If you’re looking for more definition with short hair or the edgy with long hair. You will have a great experience


  • Understand that your natural coil pattern and texture, plays a large role for the outcome  
  • It's best to use this product on slightly damp hair with NuDred system for best results.  
  • Check out the details on our solution page for the best formula for your hair type and desired outcome

NuDred Sponge Red

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The Original Hair Sculpting Tool. The perfect tool to fit...


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NuDred Sponge Silver Convoluted Sponge

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