About Us


Believe it or not NuDred was invented in 2004! We trusted the process that it would take a little time for people to gradually move away from utilizing their fingers and a comb. This was and still is a major breakthrough. Now people all over the world has embraced the use of a “Hair Sponge” to style, coil, curl, twist, or lock their hair.

NuDred totally revolutionize ethnic hair care and has left a mark on the WORLD that is here to stay. NuDred is truly the “Real Deal” and the “Original Hair Sculpting Tool” which is the title given on the patent. 

We refer to NuDred as a “Lifestyle”, going well beyond a hair tool!

Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving, Daily, is totally in alignment with our MISSION: To Inspire greatness, creativity, health, gratitude, and love for self and others. Our focus is to continue to expand with high quality products and services to assist in improving LIVES!

NuDred continues to give back, we have worked with “The Light House for the Blind” as well as employ those with “Special Needs”. We a presently starting a fund for those with “Learning Disorders” as well as sponsoring local charities.