NuDred Sponge Double-Sided

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NuDred is the original Hair Sponge with a patented system for hair care that is specially designed for the African American and ethnic communities. Since 2004, we’ve strived to continue to improve our quality flagship product so that you only have to buy our hair brush once. Throw out those extensions and wigs and join the twist, curl and coil revolution. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Our Dual Angle NuDred Sponge allows you to style with even more possibilities and it is designed for better handling. Get yours today!


    • On one side you have the small holes which are capable of styling all hair lengths, creating tighter twist or coils. Twists and coils are more defined on shorter hair.
    • On the other side, there are large holes which are better for loose, big coils. Works best on big afros or longer hair.

Unsure of which NuDred Hole Size to Pick? Click here to learn more about our sponges.